For two decades, attorney Jane Moisan has worked hard for housing justice and government accountability within the criminal justice system.

Ms. Moisan started out working as a street outreach counselor and a prisoner intake volunteer at the ACLU. Her work has taken her from homeless camps in Portland, San Francisco and New York to the United Nations in Geneva, and through it all she has never lost her perspective that the law is only a tool and a lawyer’s real role is to shift power to the people.

After law school, she went to work for a Manhattan law firm suing the New York Police Department for false arrest and excessive use of force. Over and over again, she saw that police misconduct ruins lives and creates intolerable barriers when we should be lifting one another up.

After starting a family, Ms. Moisan moved back home to Portland and opened the People’s Law Project with the intention of becoming one piece in a larger puzzle standing up against landlords because housing is a human right, and taking on the City and police departments who violate the civil and constitutional rights of the people they serve.

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